June 17, 2024

3 reasons why you should have 6 meals

The belief that a diet of six small meals, over three square ones, help you stay in shape is fast gaining ground. Here’s why

Sugar, no rush Eating small amounts of food at regular intervals through the day helps maintain your blood sugar level at an even balance so you don’t get hungry as often. Also eating less at every meal, but eating at frequent intervals keeps hunger pangs at bay because your stomach is never totally empty.

Energy boost Small but frequent meals better regulate your body’s insulin, which helps the body convert food to energy and store it. Eating every four hours or so should keep you energized longer. Eating several small meals spaced out over an entire day can keep your metabolism level high so that you’re constantly burning calories.

Improved digestion Your stomach needs time to digest food, so if you eat a large meal, it will take longer to digest. Your body digests smaller meals more quickly, which will make you feel more energetic and less lazy.

It’s important you know how to make mini-meals work for you. The key is to make each meal half its size, but powered with nutrition. The small but filling breakfast, healthy mid-morning snack, portioned lunch and dinner and two mid-afternoon and evening snacks should be of equivalent or less calorie count than what you were consuming over three major meals.

By making the right food choices – which Healthifyme’s dieticians can help you with – you may lose more weight with multiple meals.

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