May 21, 2024

Ghee is good, but what kind should you buy?

Where’s the fun in dal without a dollop of ghee? Those on a diet may have read mixed opinions about whether clarified butter is good or bad for weight loss. But the simple truth is that, like many traditional foods, ghee is good if consumed in very modest quantities, and when derived from the right source.

One teaspoon of ghee gives 45 kcal of energy. It has antibacterial qualities, is an excellent lubricant for the joints and also helps transport fat-soluble vitamins. While it is a saturated fat, its structure enables it to help mobilise fats from stubborn fat areas of the body. Adding 1-2 teaspoon of ghee to your diet can actually help you lose belly fat. But yes, excess ghee consumption can lead you to pile on the pounds. So the quantity you eat should be limited and discussed with a dietician.

There are different kinds of ghee available in the market. Vanaspati ghee is one type, where hydrogen is added to the ghee. While this processing makes it more palatable, however, it also adds trans fats that are a major cause of heart diseases. So it should be avoided.

For those watching their weight, cow’s milk ghee is a better option over buffalo milk as the former has less fat and calories. However, homemade ghee, made from cream skimmed off the milk surface, is the best source of saturated fats as it contains no preservatives or vegetable fats.

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