June 6, 2023

Magic Soup that Guarantees Weight Loss

Soup is among the foods listed as being great for weightloss. It’s more beneficial than drinking a glass of water with a meal, another diet tip that’s often handed out.

Research has revealed that soup before a meal is filling, and helps you eat less and take in fewer calories which is great for weight loss. Soup for dinner is also a good idea because the liquids are already broken down which means your body has to do less work when it comes to digestion.

Losing weight can be challenging because diets often require you to cook complicated meals. Soup is easy to make in large batches ahead of time so that you do not have to spend long hours in the kitchen. Apart from lunch or dinner, you can even serve yourself a bowl for an afternoon snack.

But given there are so many varieties to choose from — thin consommés to creamy creations – it can be challenging to determine what the best soup for weight loss is.

I would recommend my Weight Loss Magic Soup because vegetables like cabbage, celery, mushroom and zucchini all provide negative calorie effect, which means you burn more calories digesting and metabolizing these foods than the foods themselves contain.

Weight Loss Magic Soup


3 cup vegetable broth (recipe below)

1 cup diced tomatoes

1 small onion

2 cloves minced garlic

1 package sliced mushrooms

3 carrots, peeled and sliced

1 zucchini, diced

1/2 cups fresh green beans

2 cups shredded cabbage

2 tsp lemon/ apple cider vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Take 2 cups of broth from the previous recipe. Cook on medium heat.
  2. Add a large onion, carrots, mushroom and garlic. After 5 minutes, add half cabbage, green beans, tomato paste, chopped zucchini, 1 tsp of vinegar and salt. When the water begins to boil, lower the heat and cover for 15 minutes.

Prepare it in large quantities, cool and store this in freeze for 4- 5 days

Basic broth (to make 4 cups of vegetable stock)


2 large onions

2 medium carrots

3 stalks of celery

1 whole bulb of garlic

1 cup chopped lauki/1 cup chopped pumpkin

10 peppercorns (kali mirch)

25 gm ginger

2 bay leaves (tej patta)


  1. Boil 8-10 cups of water in a large pot and heat it at a high temperature. Add a tablespoon of salt, cumin and black peppercorns. Cover with a lid. When the broth begins to boil, reduce the heat to medium, leave to simmer for 30 minutes. When the broth is ready pour it in a colander cool it and put in the refrigerator. You can use this broth in any soup or while preparing vegetable.

Heena is a nutritionist with Healthifyme.com

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